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Changing an email password in Mozilla Thunderbird


I changed my email password, how do I update my account settings? I am using Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0.


(This applies both to IMAP and POP3:)

For some reason, the password is not configured with the account's server settings (port, server name, user name are all in one place - password is configured elsewhere)
Thunderbird 'caches' your password. What you need to do is tell Thunderbird to 'forget' your (old) password.
  1. In the menu, select Tools | Options.
  2. Then click on Advanced
  3. Move to the Passwords section and click on 'Manage Stored Passwords'
  4. Select the site/username line where your password needs to be updated and delete it by clicking Remove.
click Close and then restart Thunderbird.

The next time Thunderbird tries to poll email from this server, it will prompt you for the password and offer to save it.

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