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Dating scammer Bobby Reinhard Müller


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Name: Bobby Reinhard Müller



Other Comments:
I came across this website after wondering if this person can actually be true! I decided last night after 3 weeks of suspicions I copied ansd pasted some of what he wrote me....and here I am on this Scammers website! I'm such a idiot, but relieved this site is here to help !

I found these names listed here on this site using the same person email poetic scam!

Now I want to inform that he is going by the name BOBBY REINHARD MüLLER, 52 yrs old. He is Germain born, lived in Britain, only child, his mom lives in London, now last 2 years in Del Ray beach in Florida, where also has a boat docked there and moved early April2013 in Pincourt, Montreal, but is on a business trip in Manila, in Philippines working as a civil engineer, building a BRIDGE, works for himself! But was going to leave after 10 days there and let the workers finish the jobs. Says he was gonna work from home now and missed his condo in Montreal.

When I realized I got scammed, I decided to turn the trick back on him!!!!

When I gave him my cell number 2 weeks ago he stopped emailing ,removed his profile from Match. And we texted only. I refused to speak with him, just text to start off. He was using to many big feeling words:love, sweetie, baby, babe....I was hesitant to speak to him. His cell number in Montreal is 514-587-2080 (billed in San Francisco!?!) when I did speak to him, I kept it at 10minutes, his voice sounded of someone from Africa, no British accent!!!! Or even German!!!!

This morning I devised him I uncovered the truth about him.that he was a scam!!! But I was an undercover REPORTER doing an article on SCAMMERS on !!!

Told him all I found out, the fake company he worked with in association in Manila:KRS Construction inc HQ in India. His name he took from a former FBI retired agent!!!!
I told him if he wanted to give me his reasons for doing this he could! I could meet him at the airport on Friday (told me that he was coming to US this Friday) with my camera crew!!!! That he had a chance to explain himself, but that his cell would still be published!!

I have not heard from him !!! Do you think I may have shaken the idiot in him!!!! Lol god I hope at least I scared him and will not sleep well a few nights!!! These scum bags deserves worst!

Here are the emails he sent me. (From the start I had a bad feeling these were pre-fabricated, I was right)

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2014-10-13, 23:32:55
anonymous from United States  
Now also going by Steve Ford, and on Facebook is Steve F Adam, using the same pictures, same essential story. I added a picture that I did not find already posted when I did google images to find out if this person is real. Never has asked for money, but offered to send money to cover an international phone plan so we can talk while he's working in South Africa. When I originally confronted him that I didn't think he was real, that he wasn't being honest about who he is he then sent a passport to prove he is who he says.

I thought it odd that he had feelings for me after only one or two emails but also that he wouldn't set up a Skype account. He originally asked me to set up a Yahoo account but after I did he never did get on there. Says he doesn't have time yet had time to set up a dating profile?? He claims he has a daughter that is in Wales with his dad, seems like that would be the perfect way to communicate long distance with her... When he told me he was leaving for Africa and his daughter was going with him I kept asking about her missing school and he never did respond. I had several questions that he danced around and didn't answer so I decided to dig into this man further. His emails were clearly canned, he didn't respond directly to my emails.

email is and phone is 210-343-5837.

2014-10-26, 07:28:42   (updated: 2014-10-26, 07:30:06)
anonymous from United States  
I came across this guy as well,, using Steve Ford, didn't bother getting full story, but 1st email had too many feelings and email address included. Here's the pics he was using, proclaimed to be widower, living in Pensacola.

2014-11-04, 10:19:53
This guy is still going with Mark Myers, found him in OKCupid, really too good to be true.
Unfortunately, I have been scammed, not realising it sooner... felt really really stupid to have fallen for the obvious trap.
I do agree he is very very persuasive, and he chases after you a few times daily....
Still going with his Turkish number, only messages mostly, although I have spoken to him quite often, he does make a point at times to speak better English but can still pick up his weird accent.
Ladies.... hope you all get to discover this site, and be aware....
These pictures are really too good to be true, and the real guy out there should rightfully be more cautious izn’t it?
2014-11-05, 11:19:21
anonymous from Canada  
When they say that they are going to work in S Africa or Dubai believe me it is a scam,because the man in the photo are not them,it is black Afrikaner behind the photos i can tell by the accent they don t have the American or the Canadian accent,i got caught they speak ZULU.
2014-11-07, 10:38:54
Whatever his name is or was... His name is Kayode Olanrewaju Ogunola... definitely a Nigerian name, however I believe he may be residing in North Cyprus, Famagusta. Thats why he is also telling people that he is working in Istanbul and currently stranded and cannot leave the country back to US... beware of him asking for money to help him get his air ticket opened to come to be with you... not true.
2014-12-03, 13:22:21
anonymous from United States  

Yes Steve Adams/Steve Ford is still at large .... I uncovered him a month ago on and turned the tables on him, same story that his daughter was with his dad in NSW Australia and he was a contractor in San Antonio Texas. building bridges etc.
I have a trac phone that I use for people I don't know and gave him my number ... he was relentless, ringing all times of the day and night ... he was obviously of African decent and yet supposed to have a Dutch accent. I kept it going for a while to see how far he would go and then got bored I'm afraid.
I found his fb page for Steve Adams and sent a message to the guy saying someone had used his photos ... I kept a line of conversation there but he slipped into the same pattern of speaking and so I stopped it.

a couple of days ago I saw the same pics but on a different profile on and sent an anonymous wink and like of his pics (2 new ones added to the profile) LOL he then sent me a message straight back saying hello to me with my real name!!
Then, he send me a IM yahoo message for a couple of nights wishing me a good night babe! So he knows that I know he's a scammer but I don't know if he thinks I'm one too which is just too funny!

I reported him to Match but they never seem to do anything about it. I've had so many guys contact me over last 2 weeks that are obviously scamming but seem to get away with it ... Now its getting boring!

2014-12-03, 13:31:11
sandyshoes from United States  
This one was a scream ... the pics are of famous entrepreneur Larry Broughton and the guy said his name was John Chamberlin, architect with own company building log houses, living in Orlando with 2 kids, divorced.
Kept sending me pics of himself (Larry) and the kids ... taken straight of Larry's fb page and website.
I kept this going for about 3 days and 2 days ago I confronted him with the fake pics ... I actually said that I was law enforcement and he was using fake pics.
He was actually very good .. he called my bluff by saying he was the real Larry Broughton CEO and owner of a hotel group and was on match to find his true love. If his PA or team found out then the media would get hold of it and he'd be finished. He made me promise not to tell anyone ... sure.
He had no idea I'd turned the tables on him and yesterday had some fun ... I even said that I had to go and walk my Unicorn and he said 'okay baby, I'll miss you!' Lol.

From what I can gather here, there are more than 1 of them working in the team as the tone of talking kept changing, they were interested in sex and I gave as good as I got back! then they wanted me on webcam, there's was not working of course - I pretended mine didn't work but I could hear what was going on at their place, tv in the background and many men's voices.

This is worrying that they were so keen for me to pose on my bed so they could see me ... what then, where would this have ended up? Could they be trying to blackmail women I wonder? BEWARE!

2014-12-03, 13:40:21
sandyshoes from United States  
Here's another (haven't I been busy!) Meet JAMES. living in Orlando with his son JEFFERSON, wife died of a severe heart infection 3 years 7 months ago. He's not looking for a one night stand, 59 years old, building contractor (aren't they all!) and due to fly to Africa to complete his last project before retiring.

Again, gave him my trac phone number and yahoo address. He was relentless with ringing, all night ... had to turn my phone off in the end (unheard of), usually before 7am I'd get 3 phone calls, 5 messages and emails!!!

couldn't be bothered with this carry on, so ended it yesterday when he messaged me to say he was flying to Africa and would be back before Christmas ... I told him my phone had been lost and would try and get another one.
He never asked for money but same pattern here, it would have come eventually no doubt.

Again from, it seems to me that they hide their profiles very quickly once they have contacted you and expect you to do the same.

I'm wondering if there are actually any real men out there???!!

2015-05-16, 01:24:12
anonymous from United States  
This guy is going by Klemens Karlsson he claims to be from Sweden and is an only child, no kids. Said he was living in Pasadena and drives a Porsche 911. His wife cheated on him and his parents died of cancer. Said he was going to London, England to build a road and bridege. I was stupid and gave him money so he could come home before Thanksgiving. In April he claimed he took a tour to Nigeria so he could come back to Los Angeles so we could get married but his passpot was stolen and he needed more money to get a replacement. I never sent it to him. He would call me 5-6 time a day and beg me for money so he could get home. I started looking for a Kelm Karlsson only found an author and professor from Sweden, but not him. I started getting a bad feeling. I told him that I would set up the flight and use my airline miles to get him home. Never heard from him again. That was on April 27th. I met him on also. phone numbers are disconnected His number for Hermosa Beach and Nigeria and London. Below is his letter
I have been busy trying to get some paper work together, I'm bidding for a contract, so i need to get all my documents together if i want to win the contract,So i bet you see i have been quite busy,lol. I really appreciate your amicable response, It has been long i shared feelings with anyone, Well you might not understand, Being able to come home after work and have a nice conversation with someone special is something that has been missing in my life for a long time.

After reading your profile and email, it shows that you are an interesting and a fun woman. Well, Am new to this online stuff , Don't really know how it works but i believe I will with time. Well i think the first thing to do is to tell you more about me. I'm Klemens,52, a Professional Engineer but it's forms in two way oil drilling and constructing, I am Originally from Gothenburg Sweden. I come from a family of 3, My Mom, Dad and I, I Lost my father 7years ago and my mum of cancer early last year. (am Over that now and have Moved on) I graduated from Cambridge University. I Live in Los Angeles, CA. But won't mind relocating (don't have anywhere in mind and look forward to deciding that with miss right).
I am 6'0ft tall, Brown eyes, Divorced for 8 years now, I had to do it cos my ex cheated on me, being reflective, Its not the best of thoughts to remember all that she did to me. I'm very passionate, stable, and the photos are current. I'm well read, intelligent and have common sense, English is not my first language,Swedish is, but I have an accent as I have spent more time in London.

My passions include reading inspirational books and clever mysteries, the most touching book that i have ever read is the one by John Manson, really inspirational, would push you from where you are to where you should be. On Music, Am into Sentimental Rock, I Love singers like Evanescence, Linking park, Dido and Enya too. Favorite composer would be John Fredrick Handle, Although am really not into operas. Am an Art Lover too, I don't like to be the center of Attraction, I love to lay low, I Am a movie Lover, I Love the cinemas, Am the comedy type, I also watch some actions packed thriller, Adventures and some decent Erotica. My Favorite actor is Brad Pitt(Boy Sexy). I Love to cook and love Mexican dishes because they are quite spicy. As we all know, Love making is an essential part of a relationship as it's keeps the Fire burning. I Love to Travel for fun but haven't really had the time to travel so much, i have been to Germany and India. If am to go on a Vacation I'll Love to go to Paris. I Love the Museums and art Galleries. Concerning pets,Am a Dog Lover, Well all i seek here is true love and happiness, I really want to settle down and be happy, All that I want in a relationship is honesty and care, meaning- to be up front with each other and open our hearts out to each other without the lies. Loving ... meaning - loving yourself, children and each other and never letting the music in your heart stop. being kind to others, these two things are more important to me than all of the rest.
I will want my woman to be passionate, Loving, Romantic, Kind, Honest, Reliable, Unselfish, has sense of Humor, understanding and considerate, I hope am not asking for too much, Am a one woman man, I just want someone that will hold on to what little we find cos that's the way to move forward and as well make it big, I know that Rome was not built in a day and I am ready to start and stand all, And i want that from my woman, I will want us to keep in touch and see what happens and i predict all will go well,I will love to meet you in person, communication matters to me so much, Please take good care of yourself okay,I will be looking forward to reading from you.

I have the picture of him in the blue shirt, brown Jacket at sunset, arm around another man, sitting in a chair wearing white pants and no socks and of him with no shirt. All on here. I wish I had known to search pictures before I was dumb enough to fll for him. He said he was born September 17, 1962 in Gothenburg Sweden and went to Cambridge and is an engineer in construction and oil. Please learn, he is not a he it a scam

2015-06-24, 23:09:57
Says his name is 'Harold White,' educated in Sydney Australia with a Master's Degree from Oxford, says his daughter is in her Hr. year at Harvard. Says he makes more the $250,000 per year. Currently in Dubai working as an Architect. Says he was one of the architects who built the Belliago in Las Vegas. Recognized his Photo from the 'Jason Burgess image.' To be clea,r he contacted me via Chemistry. Starting calling me Babe and darling from the outset. Says he sold his home in Huston, Texas,has four horses and a boxer dog named 'Bruno' as well. Is this the photo of the real scammer or has this person's identity been stolen as well. Wants to fly in directly to me after his job is over in Dubai ... yeah, sure, NOT going to happen. Had his photo on Linkin as Harold White, but then took his profile down the day after I Googled him under his alias of 'Harold White.'

2015-11-17, 18:53:45
anonymous from United States  

2015-11-17, 18:57:08
anonymous from United States  

2015-11-17, 18:58:08
anonymous from United States  
his daughter ?

2015-11-17, 18:58:51
anonymous from United States  

2015-12-23, 17:44:48
anonymous from United States  
Currently known as Zach Holland with an account on as lonelyheart in asheville NC. phone number 347-985-7798

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